Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Do it yourself: Step-By-Step Pocket Door Repair

If your pocket door isn’t working, then here are step-by-step pocket door repair procedures. Some pocket door hardware jumps off the track because of there lower quality. You need not worry, the problem can be repaired.

To repair your pocket door, your first step is to remove the door.
  1. Break the paint seal- to remove the pocket door you need to break the paint seal with knife, along the stop mouldings on each door jamb; and then with the help of a 5-in-1 tool and flat bar vigilantly pry off the mouldings.
  2. Door position- after positioning the door in centre of the doorway, tilt it towards the room, and remove the roller out of the overhead track.
  3. Observe the rollers- check whether rollers are broken or not. If yes, then replace them with new rollers. Buy a matching replacement from a hardware store.
When a pocket door doesn’t working properly the problem is mainly with the rollers. Inspect that they are fitted into the tracks properly. Sometimes you need not replace the roller because they have just come loose. Problem is of loosen rollers; you can fix this by tightening or replacing the loose screws at its base.
These steps are simple to follow and be performed with any professional help. Remember to buy door frames and components for pocket doors of good quality.

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